Swaziland Railway as a leading edge organization in the transport industry realizes that it operates in a competitive environment and interacts with the community during the course of its business, of which the company has a social, economic and environmental obligation to uplift the lifestyle of the communities it interacts with.

As such, CSR shall become an integral part of SR’s businesses as outlined in the company’s core values. As encouraged by corporate governance and the triple bottom line guiding principles, SR undertakes to embrace the broader community as key stakeholders in the business of SR and the further realisation that the business of the company can only be sustainable in the long term, if the company remains relevant to the needs and aspirations of the community from which it derives its business.

SR is therefore committed to creating value for all related stakeholders, where possible, by delivering programmes in the following:-

  1. Education;
  2. Environment;
  3. Community social development;
  4. Economic development

Swaziland Railway Building
Dzeliwe Street

Tel: +268 2411 7400
Fax: +268 2411 7499


P.O. Box 475
Kingdom of Swaziland



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